Conservation Quotes

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Conservation Quotes

Is this a hotel or a classroom, why so many quotes…

At Elicon House, we take inspiration from the lives of diverse men and women who work to empower societies to responsibly and sustainably care for the environment, our global biodiversity and for the well-being of humanity. Thus, we share with you conservation* quotes that may in turn inspire you to be the change you want to see in the world (as Gandhi has reminded us).

Conservation refers to the preservation, protection, or restoration of the natural environment, natural ecosystems, vegetation and wildlife. People depend on nature for many things: a stable climate, clean air, fresh water, abundant food, cultural resources and biodiversity. We need to protect our tropical forests, lush grasslands, rivers, wetlands, abundant lakes and the sea. Only through properly valuing these ecosystems can we create a path to sustainable development that will benefit all people for generations to come.

We envision and work for a healthy and prosperous world in which societies are forever committed to caring for and valuing nature, for the long-term benefit of people and all life on Earth.

Once again, we hope that these conservation quotes will inspire you to dare to be the change you want to see in the world!

*Conservation is the practice of preserving (protecting from harm or loss) and restoring natural biodiversity (huge variety of life forms).


Conservation Mosaics


Conservation Mosaics

Looks like Gaudi’s art… beautiful mosaics!

Thank you for noticing. These works of art are not only beautiful but are instructive and empowering.

Elicon House (a.k.a. Ecological Living & Conservation House) is full of interesting conservation* mosaics made by our staff. Mosaic art is a unique art form made popular in the 20th century by Antoni Gaudi in Barcelona, Spain.

Eco-renovation at Elicon House began in 2007. As a way to utilize excess ceramic tiles from the renovation work, we came up with the idea of mosaic art.

Here are the colorful mosaics that you can spot and find around Elicon House that speak of the practice of environmental conservation:

  • The ‘Tree of Life’ mosaic
  • The ‘5R Transition Model’ mosaic of Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle & Restore
  • The ‘Four Stages of Permaculture Design’ mosaic: Observe, Discover, Imagine, Create
  • The ‘Marine Biodiversity’ mosaic
  • The ‘Permaculture Principles’ mosaic
  • The ‘Urban Grassland’ wrap mosaic

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Mosaic art shows us that meaningless fragments of tiles when brought together can be a powerful medium to capture a moment, message, idea, view, zeitgeist or experience. We at Elicon have designated these mosaics as eco-animators to teach and inspire our guests about the message of Conservation – that every living creature must be protected because each plays a crucial role in keeping the richness of the biodiversity that sustains life on Earth.

* Conservation is the practice of preserving (protecting from harm or loss) and restoring natural biodiversity (huge variety of life forms).

Urban Conservation @ KGZ

Urban Conservation @ KGZ
Kamagayan Green Zone
(An Urban Permaculture Development Site)

Urban conservation is the practice of preserving (protecting from harm or loss) and restoring the natural biodiversity (huge variety of life forms) in the urban setting – trees, plants, soil, water, birds, insects, etc. permaculture, on the other hand, is a design system based on ethics and design principles which can be used to guide efforts made by individuals, households and communities towards a sustainable future. Thus, guided by permaculture, the urban environment can be designed in such a way that it promotes the preservation of urban biodiversity.

Elicon House sponsors and practices urban conservation at the Kamagayan Green Zone. The KGZ is just a short 3 minute walk away from Elicon House. This urban permaculture development project was initiated in February 2008. It was a test project to validate how permaculture could make a conservation difference in our direct local environment. At the start of the project, KGZ was a storage facility for all sorts of junk, and it practically had no soil, having as much as 1.5 meters of dumped debris.

The seedlings that were now planted at the start of the project are now over 5 meters tall, and the pond filled with rainwater now hosts fish that act as eco-recyclers for food waste from the Elicon House food service. The healthy and productive honeybee colonies hosted at KGZ now yield an abundant honey flow.

With its steadily growing trees and huge rainwater pond, KGZ today is a thriving natural habitat for birds, bats, bees, insects, fish and other small animals. It is indeed a far cry from the wasteland it was in 2008. It is an example of how a small property could become an evolving example of urban nature conservation. Many local and international visitors and students come to KGZ to see for themselves the transforming power and wonders of nature.

If you are interested to visit and share your time, talent or treasure with KGZ, please speak with us at the Front Office and we will gladly make arrangements for you.

Conservation & Permaculture Library @ Elicon House


Conservation & Permaculture Library

Wanna learn how you can practice conservation through permaculture?

We live at a time of great change. We are witnesses to how our civilization is directly causing the destruction of natural eco-systems and the mass extinction of species. Our generation has the singular possibility of making a difference, and of reversing the negative trend that will ultimately lead to massive societal disruptions and failures; shortages of all kinds: water, food, energy, etc.

Our Conservation* library is a rich source of information about how various facets of human activity impact the environment and natural systems. It has also a lot of valuable information about plants, animals, soil, water, other elements, and the possible positive interventions that can be made. Permaculture inspired authors show very practical solutions for us to learn.

We have developed this specialized library in order to collect, share, and preserve knowledge and to support our conservation mission by spreading the ethics, design principles and practice of PERMACULTURE.

With the study of Permaculture, you will encounter the Permaculture Flower and learn the 7 Petals (areas) in the Practice of Permaculture: 1) Building, 2) Tools and Technology, 3) Education and Culture, 4) Health and Spiritual Well-Being, 5) Finance and Economics, 6) Land Tenure and Community Governance, 7) Land and Nature Stewardship.

In the spirit of conservation, Permaculture and sustainability, we at Elicon House provide you with the opportunity of lifelong learning. Come learn with us!


* Conservation is the practice of preserving (protecting from harm or loss) and restoring natural biodiversity (huge variety of life forms).

Conservation Art @ Elicon House

Con Art 1 Con Art 2

Conservation Art

In line with promoting conservation*, we at Elicon House are proud to showcase the exclusive prints of Filipino-Canadian artist Paulina Constancia’s “Fish to Face”, “Floral Chorus” and “Hue & I in a Secret Garden” collections.

Paulina shares her thoughts about her creations: “Over all, the images portrayed in these collections revolve around a world where man and nature harmonious co-exist. There is mutual respect, cooperation and a joyful sense of connectedness. The good news is that this ideal existence that I portray in my art can certainly be made real with a little guidance, thanks to permaculture. We all have a lot to learn from Mother Nature’s patterns and relational dynamics.”

Paulina adds, “Art is not an inclination, it is part of our ‘Being’. Art is merely a manifestation of our awareness of what is around us. So in my art, I am simply being true to what I see and feel… I merely portray the beauty of creation as it inspires me. It is my bone that others in turn may also be awakened to Nature’s beauty and power.”

It is our hope that Paulina Constancia’s conservation art will inspire you to reconnect with the rest of creation and embrace your duty and privilege to help heal Mother Earth. Thank you and enjoy your earth-friendly stay with us!

To know more about the artist, please visit her website and blogs:

*Conservation is the practice of preserving (protecting from harm or loss) and restoring natural biodiversity (huge variety of life forms).

Tree of Life Mosaic, Elicon Cafe, Cebu


There is a popular mosaic in the city of Cebu.

It can be found at Elicon Cafe, at the corner of P. del Rosario St.
It is a tile mosaic depicting the Tree of Life.
What is a mosaic?
It is an artistic pattern,
created using small pieces of tiles, glass or other found materials.
It can be glued or cemented.
Each piece is pasted individually.
It is a tedious process,
but it is worth all the time and effort.
The Tree of Life Mosaic at Elicon Cafe is a tile mosaic.
It was designed by Joel Lee, Permaculture teacher and designer.
It was made with the assistance of the staff at Elicon Cafe,
under its Cultivating Self-Reliance Program,
called Learn & Earn.
Our staff learned a new skill,
that of mosaic making,
which is an ancient form of art / craft
and earned as well.
The Tree of Life Mosaic,
is a symbol of how trees support life…
It is the sun and the rain that give life to the tree,
but the tree gives life to many living organisms.
The tree gives off oxygen
so we can breathe.
Its crown gives shelter:
to birds, fireflies & other animals.
It bears fruit for animals to eat.
Fruits have seeds,
which birds love to deposit with their dung,
The dung falls to the ground,
ready to regenerate the earth,
generously providing for our future.
It gives us timber,
so we can build our homes,
Its branches give us firewood,
so we can cook our meals
and warm our abodes.
Its roots hold water,
silent storing it for us,
giving it freely when we need it.
It keeps the soil from eroding,
preventing floods,
so we are safe in our homes.
The Tree of Life Mosaic,
reminds us of a gift,
that trees are to be valued,
protected and sanctified.
A humble sign of God’s love for us.
We should have a yearly celebration for the Tree of Life.
Kiss each tree and wipe it with our handkerchiefs,
(the way we fanatically act towards religious icons)
to remind us of its miraculous powers,
that of  daily providing us with
water, shelter, sustenance, and  protection…
our staff installing the tiles


joel lee, mosaic designer
students like to hang out under this tree