Conservation Art @ Elicon House

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Conservation Art

In line with promoting conservation*, we at Elicon House are proud to showcase the exclusive prints of Filipino-Canadian artist Paulina Constancia’s “Fish to Face”, “Floral Chorus” and “Hue & I in a Secret Garden” collections.

Paulina shares her thoughts about her creations: “Over all, the images portrayed in these collections revolve around a world where man and nature harmonious co-exist. There is mutual respect, cooperation and a joyful sense of connectedness. The good news is that this ideal existence that I portray in my art can certainly be made real with a little guidance, thanks to permaculture. We all have a lot to learn from Mother Nature’s patterns and relational dynamics.”

Paulina adds, “Art is not an inclination, it is part of our ‘Being’. Art is merely a manifestation of our awareness of what is around us. So in my art, I am simply being true to what I see and feel… I merely portray the beauty of creation as it inspires me. It is my bone that others in turn may also be awakened to Nature’s beauty and power.”

It is our hope that Paulina Constancia’s conservation art will inspire you to reconnect with the rest of creation and embrace your duty and privilege to help heal Mother Earth. Thank you and enjoy your earth-friendly stay with us!

To know more about the artist, please visit her website and blogs:

*Conservation is the practice of preserving (protecting from harm or loss) and restoring natural biodiversity (huge variety of life forms).