Urban Conservation @ KGZ

Urban Conservation @ KGZ
Kamagayan Green Zone
(An Urban Permaculture Development Site)

Urban conservation is the practice of preserving (protecting from harm or loss) and restoring the natural biodiversity (huge variety of life forms) in the urban setting – trees, plants, soil, water, birds, insects, etc. permaculture, on the other hand, is a design system based on ethics and design principles which can be used to guide efforts made by individuals, households and communities towards a sustainable future. Thus, guided by permaculture, the urban environment can be designed in such a way that it promotes the preservation of urban biodiversity.

Elicon House sponsors and practices urban conservation at the Kamagayan Green Zone. The KGZ is just a short 3 minute walk away from Elicon House. This urban permaculture development project was initiated in February 2008. It was a test project to validate how permaculture could make a conservation difference in our direct local environment. At the start of the project, KGZ was a storage facility for all sorts of junk, and it practically had no soil, having as much as 1.5 meters of dumped debris.

The seedlings that were now planted at the start of the project are now over 5 meters tall, and the pond filled with rainwater now hosts fish that act as eco-recyclers for food waste from the Elicon House food service. The healthy and productive honeybee colonies hosted at KGZ now yield an abundant honey flow.

With its steadily growing trees and huge rainwater pond, KGZ today is a thriving natural habitat for birds, bats, bees, insects, fish and other small animals. It is indeed a far cry from the wasteland it was in 2008. It is an example of how a small property could become an evolving example of urban nature conservation. Many local and international visitors and students come to KGZ to see for themselves the transforming power and wonders of nature.

If you are interested to visit and share your time, talent or treasure with KGZ, please speak with us at the Front Office and we will gladly make arrangements for you.