Conservation & Permaculture Library @ Elicon House


Conservation & Permaculture Library

Wanna learn how you can practice conservation through permaculture?

We live at a time of great change. We are witnesses to how our civilization is directly causing the destruction of natural eco-systems and the mass extinction of species. Our generation has the singular possibility of making a difference, and of reversing the negative trend that will ultimately lead to massive societal disruptions and failures; shortages of all kinds: water, food, energy, etc.

Our Conservation* library is a rich source of information about how various facets of human activity impact the environment and natural systems. It has also a lot of valuable information about plants, animals, soil, water, other elements, and the possible positive interventions that can be made. Permaculture inspired authors show very practical solutions for us to learn.

We have developed this specialized library in order to collect, share, and preserve knowledge and to support our conservation mission by spreading the ethics, design principles and practice of PERMACULTURE.

With the study of Permaculture, you will encounter the Permaculture Flower and learn the 7 Petals (areas) in the Practice of Permaculture: 1) Building, 2) Tools and Technology, 3) Education and Culture, 4) Health and Spiritual Well-Being, 5) Finance and Economics, 6) Land Tenure and Community Governance, 7) Land and Nature Stewardship.

In the spirit of conservation, Permaculture and sustainability, we at Elicon House provide you with the opportunity of lifelong learning. Come learn with us!


* Conservation is the practice of preserving (protecting from harm or loss) and restoring natural biodiversity (huge variety of life forms).