Guest Reviews

Reviews on our “Zero Carbon” Initiatives

“Zero Carbon” refers to achieving net zero carbon emissions by balancing a measured amount of carbon released with an equivalent amount sequestered or offset and is used in the context of carbon dioxide releasing processes. (Wikipedia)

Zero-CarbonThe SWITCH-Asia “Zero Carbon Resorts” project of the European Union seeks to enable tourism SMEs, such as hotels and resorts, to provide their energy services in an efficient, cost effective, and environmentally sound way.



  • Continue the passion & drive with the “Zero Carbon” Initiatives! I helped out by saving electricity.
  • I think the “Zero Carbon” Initiatives are great and that is why I stayed here.
  • The “Zero Carbon” Initiatives is a big contribution to Mother Earth. I have great respect for your hotel rules.


The Zero Carbon Initiatives is nice. It brings me closer to nature. It brings me back to the nature.


Yes! It is great to be here in Cebu and of course I consider it to be lucky and comfortable to stay in ELICON. Thank you so much for your warm welcome. I felt so comfortable. Daghang salamat!


This mosaic-tiled cafe is a welcome hideout when sightseeing downtown. Potted plants and board games give it a homely feel and it’s part of a permaculture initiative using local food and sustainable options. Vegetarians won’t want to miss the delicious rellonong talong (eggplant fried with egg and vegetables).



“Well located eco-place”
Warsaw, Poland, February 2014

The place looks like it has just been renovated so the standard is really good. There is a cafe in the lobby area (with strong wifi signal) serving simple food at good prices. The staff helped us a lot with our trip to Olango Island. Recommended!

“Affordable rates, Convenient Location, Friendly Staff… A home away from home!”
Philippines, November 2012

If you’re looking for a great place to stay whenever you come to Cebu, I highly recomend Elicon House. In my case, I usually stay here for a month or two every year because of the nature of my work. I choose Elicon House because:

1. This is probably the only place I’ve stayed that allows me to have a feel of “a home away from home”… very friendly, accommodating and helpful staff 🙂
2. Great location – it is strategically located at the heart of the queen city of the South.
3. Clean and safe – they have CCTV installed all over the place… trustworthy house keeping crew 🙂
4. Highly satisfactory service with cheaper rates compared to other hostels/pension house in Cebu – you really get value for your money!



“Constant guest”
Surigao, Philippines, February 2014

When my family and I visit Cebu, we always stay in this conservation and permaculture inspired pension house. The place is conveniently located in downtown Cebu. It is near the University of San Carlos, the Sto. Rosario Church, and the historic landmark of the city – Colon Street. It is also a few blocks away from the South Bus Terminal where I boarded the bus going to the Simala Shrine. Indeed, a safe, clean and affordable place to stay. Staff of the house are also accommodating and friendly.

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