Nature Stewardship: KPAF & KGZ


refers to the wise use,
management and protection
of that which has been entrusted to you.

Within the context of conservation,
stewardship means
wisely using natural resources
that you have been entrusted with
on your property,
protecting important ecosystems,
effectively managing alien invasive species
and fires, and grazing
or harvesting without damaging the yield.

The vision of Stewardship
• To ensure that privately owned areas
with high biodiversity value
receive secure conservation status
and are linked to a network
of other conservation areas in the landscape.
• To ensure that landowners
who commit their property
to a stewardship option,
will enjoy tangible benefits
for their conservation actions.
• To expand biodiversity conservation
by encouraging commitment to,
and implementation of,
good biodiversity management practice,
on privately owned land,
in such a way that the private landowner
becomes an empowered decision maker.

Katunggan Permaculture Adventure Farm (KPAF)
KPAF is meant to be a Nature Sanctuary
for Life Changing Family & Group Adventures.
“Katunggan” is the native word for “Mangrove”,
and Katunggan abounds where this
Permaculture Learning Development site is located.

At KPAF’s doorsteps are
three ecosystems:
land coastal, mangrove and marine.
It is a true Edge with immense value.

Kamagayan Green Zone (KGZ)
KGZ is an Urban Permaculture Development Site.
It has a lot area of 1,000 sqm.
Originally a barren and dry lot used as a motor pool,
KGZ has been converted into an urban garden
where we grow vegetables and herbs.
We have also planted hardwood
and fruit trees that now stand tall
and provide a habitat
for birds, bats, bees and all sorts of insects.
In the middle of KGZ is a large lizard-shaped pond
that serves as a rainwater collection reservoir
and aquaculture pond for tilapia and catfish.

Elicon House,
in collaboration with its affiliate companies,
maintain and support the nature stewardship
of The Katunggan Permaculture Adventure Farm (KPAF)
and The Kamagayan Green Zone (KGZ).
It is at these two sites
that we host
ecological awareness leadership workshops and camps
to our staff;
and to children, teens, adults
and older citizens of our community.