Doorstep Access to Public Transportation


Wanna ride like a local? Just step outside & catch a jeepney, bus or taxi…

At Elicon House, we are proud to offer you doorstep access to public transportation. During your stay with us, you can easily move around the city like a local.

Here are the benefits of using PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION:

  • Enhances personal opportunities
    • Provides personal mobility and freedom for people from every walk of life
    • Gives people transportation options to get to work, school, visit friends or the doctor’s office
    • Provides access to job opportunities
  • Saves fuel, reduces congestion
  • Provides economic opportunities
  • Saves money
  • Reduces gasoline consumption
  • Reduces one’s carbon footprint

At Elicon, we believe that the use of public transportation is a crucial part of the solution to the nation’s economic, energy and environmental challenges.

It helps bring a better quality of life to all!


Radio Taxi at Elicon House

EH Radio Taxi

Need a taxi?

Relax at the lobby
while we call one for you…

Guests often complain:
“Why do we have to wait
for the front desk to call a taxi? “
“Why can’t we just hail a cab from the street?”

Here’s the truth:
we are doing you
and our planet
at no Charge..

To ensure your safe trip in Cebu,
we only call accredited radio taxi companies.
FYI: We do not get any commission from this transaction,
this is a pure act of service.

A Service to you…

While waiting for your taxi you have the time:
• to relax in the safety of our lobby
and maintain your composure
before going on your next journey
• to interact with family, friends
and other guests at our shared spaces

A Service to the planet…

Patronizing Radio taxi companies means:
• Taxi drivers do not have to drive around
the city looking for passengers.
They just park at a taxi garage
and wait to be called.

• Benefit to the planet:
Radio taxi = Less burning of fossil fuel
=climate change mitigation
(actions that decrease the potential effects of global warming)

• Benefit to people:
Less cars on the street
= Less Pollution =Healthier people
People move with ease = Happier people

Assisted Natural Ventilation


Wondering about those big turbines on the wall? Could this be a factory? You guessed it right, it’s our air factory… just low tech, super-sized fans!

Being just a stone’s throw from the historical district, we are indeed in a very busy and congested area. When we did the eco-renovations to our 35 year old building in 2007, we were faced with the challenge of ventilating and cooling the lobby, without having to open our windows to the busy, dusty and noisy intersection of P. del Rosario and Junquera Streets.

After several failed experiments, we were able to come up with a workable, innovative, cost-effective and even artistic retro-fitting solution to the ventilation & cooling requirements of our Lobby at Elicon House.

The design makes use of an airshaft at the back of the lobby. The air from the top of the shaft is drawn through the lobby by a battery of six huge exhaust fans (low energy demand). There is a misting system at the top end of the airshaft which allows evaporative cooling to work its magic. A waterfall feature along the airshaft enhances the evaporative cooling to work its magic. It also adds a soothing ambient sound of falling water.

Thanks to our fans, we at Elicon stay cool and eco-friendly!